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Contact & PR box info

I'm looking for passionate creators in the spooky/alt/goth community who are

1. Fellow mutuals or follow our brand on either TikTok or Instagram ( I will be checking )

2. Consistently post content.

3. Tag other brands in their posts whom you have either worked with or personally supported. 

4. Take well lit videos & photos. 

5. Have a small-large following consistent engagement in your content would be preferred but we know personally this can be hard

What to expect if you hear back from us 

1. We will be asking for your preferred colors & or bag styles

 (we are currently only sending out items from our bat collection)  

2. From there I will determine how many items i choose to send

this is solely based on how much inventory we have in stock as more PR boxes go out our brand will continue to grow & items will run low on stock until more shipments arrive

3. We will ask for a name & address to send your package to I cannot stress enough to

make sure your address is correct we will not be held responsible for lost/stolen/broken packages

What we expect when you receive your package

1. with in a week of receiving your PR BOX we expect at least 1 instagram post

& or 1 TikTok post the more the better & we truly appreciate the time you take to post said content.

2. TAG US IN YOUR CONTENT this does not have to be every time but at least for the first post 

3. Enjoy your handbag/handbags ! 

4. Once you have worked with us you will continue to hear about new PR opportunities I will always send a email or DM before sending out PR boxes

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